NYCMarathon Training : Week 14

Monday – Cross Training - REST – Legs felt alright after my 20 miler and I even considered trying to make it to Yoga but in the end I opted for rest.

Tuesday – 5 Miles – Got up early and hit the road.  I was curious to see how it would feel to “run” since my legs felt ok during my everyday tasks.  Let’s just say they were tired…and heavy…but not too bad.  It took me a bit to warm up and even when I felt warm, I wasn’t moving too swiftly.  5 Miles @8:58/mi pace.

Tuesday Night –  YOGA – Yeah, you read that correctly.  Almost 2 full months since the last time I had a chance to do Yoga so I was beyond happy to walk in the door at the studio.  My ribs have technically been pain-free for about 3 weeks but certain movements have caused discomfort.  I was very tentative and told myself if I felt anything, to stop.  Thankfully it went well aside from the obvious and expected loss of strength that comes with a lot of running and not a lot of core/upper body work.  I only felt pain once on a roll up technique with about 10 minutes left in class, so I deem myself 99% healed.  I miss the full body stretching, strengthening and the drenched clothes that come with knowing you just gave your full attention to your health for 1 hour.  Glad to be back at it.

Wednesday – 5 Miles – Decided to hit the trail after work to give my body some extra rest.  Everything went well but my legs were definitely still fatigued. My first two miles averaged out at 9:17/mi which I was ok with, trying to take it easy. 5 Miles @8:37/mi pace.  

Thursday – 5 Miles – I woke up on Thursday morning with a slightly swollen and sore right big toe, not sure what caused it but I decided not to force the issue with a morning run. I opted to let my body warm up throughout the day and if it felt ok after work then I would get out that evening.  It felt ok when I arrived home so out the door I went.  I didn’t plan on pushing it too much but the Dodgers first playoff game started at 5:30, which is about when I started my run, so there was a little extra pep in my steps.  My first mile was quick, so I slowed it down a bit and changed my route starting at mile 2 to add some hills.  I was so distracted by the fact that I was missing the first few innings of the game that I was looking at my sports app while I ran since I couldn’t get the radio broadcast on my phone.  I banged out the last mile, took a quick shower and joined a buddy to watch the Dodgers earn the game 1 victory over the Atlanta Braves.  5.00 miles @8:20 pace.

Friday – REST – Yeah, no problem!  Almost.  My buddy ended up inviting me to see Youth Lagoon (which I mentioned in a previous SSC here) play at a church in Los Angeles.  I really wanted to be asleep at 9:30 but he already had the tickets and said the show would be over by 10pm (since it was at a church).  Well, as I expected he was wrong and even though I got him to leave early, I still didn’t get to sleep until just after Midnight.  If I hadn’t been so exhausted then I would’ve enjoyed the show more but I was starting to get blurry eyed.  Very interesting experience all the way around.

Love Youth Lagoon, just not when I am exhausted.

Love Youth Lagoon, just not as much as I love sleep.

Saturday – 8 Miles – As I write my recaps I always pop up my Nike+ activity so I can give you guys the accurate data (like you care).  Sometimes I forget my runs and it helps refresh my assessment.  I remember this particular run SUCKING, but the data shows otherwise.  I remember not being able to focus so there is little inconsistency between miles but overall this was one of those rare runs where the mental doesn’t match the physical. 8 miles @8:29 pace.

Saturday Post Run – I really wanted a change of scenery this weekend and my brother’s place in La Quinta (Palm Springs area) just happened to be free.  The desert is awesome in the Fall, usually pretty hot during the day and cooler at night, which is perfect for laying out and then getting in the spa once it cools.  It was 90 degrees when I got out there on Saturday afternoon and I immediately threw on the board shorts to soak up the sun.  Lazied around after some time outside and then headed to dinner at a decent italian restaurant.  After dinner I hit the spa and by 10pm I was OUT.   Pasadena is always loud but especially on Saturday nights so the silence was something my body thoroughly enjoyed in La Quinta.



Sunday –12 Miles – I wasn’t sure if I was going to do my long run in the desert or wait until I got home that evening.  I actually didn’t decide until late Saturday night and even then I gave myself the ok to sleep in if that is what my body wanted.  Well I woke up at 6:30 feeling kind of fresh so I decided to get ready and get out the door.  I hadn’t planned out a route but I know the area fairly well so I just grabbed a couple of waters and went.


I guesstimated that if I made my way to the main highway and then looped towards the polo fields where Coachella is held that I could probably make a solid 10 mile route and tack on whatever distance was needed after that.  Well, by the time I hit the Coachella grounds I was just over 6 miles and everything was going smoothly.


I just let my body do whatever pace it wanted, which happened to be mellow.  City blocks in the desert are long (easily a half mile to a mile) and there is not much besides houses and dirt. The last thing I wanted to do was be caught dehydrated or hurt from pushing it too hard so cruise control won.  The miles were extremely boring at times and like any new route, the unknown makes things seem a bit longer than they really are.   I did enjoy the cool temps, the golden sun, roadrunners, and other birds during the first half of the run.  The second half was a bit different, lots of nothing and quickly climbing temps.

Golf Kart lane on the roads in La Quinta...standard right?

Golf Kart lane on the roads in La Quinta…standard right?

About mile 8 I could feel the sun. I was still feeling well but I would have loved some shade which was nowhere to be found. I grabbed the wrong shorts for this run, the same pair that I had a bad chaffing experience with at RAGNAR, let’s just say, I will NOT be wearing these shorts for NYC.  Thankfully that was the only uncomfortable thing about this run.  When I hit 10 miles I knew exactly where I was and exactly what route to take.  I hit Old Town La Quinta and made my way towards the house.  With about a half mile left I remembered that there was an entrance to the golf course that the house and since the course is closed for maintenance I had the chance to run on the fairways…so of course I took it.  Running on dry fairway feels like heaven compared to the road, if I could run all my runs on golf courses and not want to shoot myself out of boredom, I would.


SELFIE WEEKEND!  I don’t really like taking my own picture but running on a fairway made it worth it.  PS – This course is a PGA tour stop so the brown is usually lush green and perfect.

The best part of this drawn out recap is that just as I hit the back porch my app informed me that 12 miles had been completed.  PERFECT.  There are very few times that I impress myself, but being able to draw out a 12 mile route on the fly is one of those times. Nailed it.  12 miles completed @8:53/mi pace.

La_Quinta_12_Miles La_Quinta_Splits

Summary :  My legs definitely felt tired all week so although my 20 miler went well, it definitely took its toll.  Getting Yoga back into the mix will be great during my taper and I still want to get into the gym for some light lifting this week.  Overall a decent step back week but I think my body would have benefitted from a massage after the 20 miler to help it recover.  I will definitely be scheduling one for this weekend to start my taper off on the best foot.  The change of scenery was great, although the entire time spent in La Quinta was only about 30 hours, it was much-needed.  I think I may go out again the week before I leave to New York and do my last two weekend runs out there now  that I have a better grasp on the temperature and routes.

Do you run on vacations and if so, what are your favorite places?  La Quinta wasn’t my favorite but it was definitely nice to explore the city some more!

Almost taper time!

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13 responses to “NYCMarathon Training : Week 14”

  1. Jen says :

    Another solid week, though you gotta work on those selfies! (can’t believe I just said that.)

    I like running on vacation, especially exploring new trails or paths that might otherwise take me too long to cover just by walking. I would hate to do a long run on vacation though — I’m too anal about mileage and would probably be freaking out the whole time about not doing enough or getting lost.

    • Dominick S. says :

      I will never “work” on my “selfies”…I strongly dislike them but in these two scenarios, it was the only way to document my happenings…otherwise it would have just been feet in the sun and a dead fairway.

      As for the route, when I thought about running in the desert I was so against it…I guess that is why I shared so much, it wasn’t awesome but it was much more enjoyable than I could’ve imagined.

  2. sephiroth796 says :

    A vacation isn’t complete without a running tour of wherever I visit. And there’s nothing like getting lost trying to find your way back. It took me almost a week to revert to normal running levels after the 20 miler. 25 days left!

    • Dominick S. says :

      Not a fan of getting lost but I am with you on exploring via foot. I still feel exhausted right now but hopefully the long run goes well and the massage will refresh me. It is almost here, I am holding my excitement until race week. Pray for good weather.

  3. krhtoday says :

    I am the queen of packing my workout clothes with the best of intentions and then neeeeever use them. Shameful Selfies are the best selfies! … yeah… :)

  4. Amy says :

    Good work this week! Back down off it weeks feel so amazing, but taper (and a subsequent massage) will feel even more amazing! YOU ARE SO CLOSE!

    We always run on vacations, and we actually research good running places everywhere we go. My favorites have been Lady Bird Lake in Austin, the Lakefront in Chicago, across the Golden Gate Bridge, and along Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro (mostly just because it’s Brazil and the beach in Brazil).

    Good luck this week!

    • Dominick S. says :

      When I am getting my massage this weekend, I may shed a tear of joy to be officially in the the taper. SO DAMN CLOSE. Now I just need natural disasters to spare NYC this year.

      As for your vacation runs, those all sound AWESOME, especially Brazil. I loved NYC and San Francisco the most but the most anticipated one will be Rome and Paris at some point.

  5. The Sassy Swan says :

    Hey! I care about getting your accurate data thankyouverymuch. And your accurate data impresses me! 8.53 over 12 miles in the damn desert. No more temperature complaints from me, my friend, you take the cake. Glad you are back at yoga and your riblet feels good!

  6. Megan Cabalka says :

    I find running on vacation incredibly difficult. I don’t think it should have to be done. After all, It’s called vacation for a reason. However, training doesn’t know the terminology. And sometimes getting out for a quick, easy run is nice to see the area…just not when you’re forced to do 10+ miles :)

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