NYCMarathon Training : Week 16

Monday – Cross Training - REST – I fully expected to be walking around like a grandpa come Monday morning, and don’t get me wrong, I didn’t feel like a 16-year-old but I did feel “normal”.  I came home from work and watched the Dodgers win game 3 against the Cardinals which had me excited to be in attendance for game 4  the next day.

Tuesday – 5 Miles – An early wake up from a restless sleep, only Jesus knows why.  I was curious to see how my body would handle running.  The first mile was purposely slow, I knew I would need to allow my body to wake up and get warm.  It felt a lot better than expected during the first mile but the real surprise came during the third.  I won’t say I felt energized but I felt strong.  I wasn’t focusing on pace, just letting my legs do what they wanted and the end result was 5 progressively stronger miles capped by a 7:51 final mile.  5 Miles @8:38/mi pace.  A nice surprise for the usually AWFUL case of the Tuesdays.

Tuesday Night – Dodger Game!  Yeah, it probably isn’t the wisest thing but you know what, I spent so much time at Dodger Stadium this year, I had to go to at least one playoff game (or two).  Plus they had a chance to even up the series at 2 games a piece. Traffic getting into the stadium was HORRENDOUS.  This was kind of expected since it is LA but that crap was a shock even for someone who sits in it 2.5 hours a day like me!  The stadium was full of energy and I was happy once I finally got to my seat right before the 3rd inning began.  It was a pretty exciting  game but our pitchers made a couple of mistakes and the offense just couldn’t seem to get it going when they needed it most.  The end result was a 4-2 loss and a 3-1 series deficit.  Disappointed but was still excited for Wednesday’s game!

Dodger Stadium, NLCS, Game 4

Yes, it is October in Southern California. No sweater required.

Wednesday – 6 Miles – Can I tell you the best thing about blindly buying tickets for two Dodger playoff games?  Finding out that the second game would be a 1:00pm start.  DAY GAME IN LA!  I had no problems requesting a day off for this one and I was beyond excited about having a planned midweek ditch day at Dodger Stadium.  I took full advantage and slept in until 7:30 before getting down to the Rose Bowl for some trail running.  There is something about getting to see Pasadena during the day in the middle of the week that makes me both ecstatic and angry (since I work nowhere near my home).  I focused on the positives and enjoyed seeing the mom’s taking laps with their strollers, and a bunch of other people I envied that didn’t have 9-5’s that could get down to the Rose Bowl at 8:30am on a Wednesday to enjoy the perfect weather.  Yes, the weather was perfect, sunny and in the low 70’s with no wind.  I took my sweet ass time getting the run started but once I did, I was all smiles.  People probably thought I was on crack because I had sunshine coming out of all crevasses and a “good morning” greeting for all whose path I crossed (wo/man and dog alike).  I chose to do a punishing hill route that I hadn’t done in a while and upon climbing the monster hill at mile 2.5, the fatigue of the weekends mileage made itself known.  I was huffing and puffing, legs were burning and I was seeing spots at the top of the hill.  A nice reminder that although I have done more than enough hill prep for NYC, this trail monster was vicious.  Once at the top, I walked until I regained spotless vision and then kept on going.  I hit the 3 mile mark and turned around, the rest of the run was all downhill, literally.  I focused on keeping the exertion level low but it was obvious I was on tired legs, everything was a little more challenging that day.  I figured, if I am going to feel challenged then I may as well semi challenge myself.  Right?  I stepped up the intensity a bit and the last 3 miles were quick but not too draining.  6 Miles @8:23/mi pace.

After the run, I took my time and started up a conversation with another runner as I cooled down.  I always forget how nice runners are, I need to get back to running with the run club on Tuesday nights once this program is over.  I decided to hit my Saturday breakfast spot and enjoy the sunshine on their patio with a nice cup of coffee and breakfast sandwich.  I had to hustle up a little to grab a friend for the game before heading to catch the metro to downtown and then a shuttle to the stadium.  Traffic was again, horrendous.  It took nearly 2 hours to get to the stadium and we arrived just in time for the 2nd inning.  The Dodger offense was alive in this game.  We hit 4 home runs on the day en route to a 6-4 victory in a game that never seemed in doubt.  Traffic on the way home did its best to put a damper on an otherwise perfect day.  A semi-early bedtime capped off the day just right.

My standard LA pride pose.

My standard LA pride pose with my slow running buddy.

Thursday – 5 Miles – I debated switching this run to after work but decided that I wanted to leave myself the option for Yoga at night.  Rolled out of bed and out the door into the darkness.  I decided to switch the route at mile two so I could work in more hills after the trail butt kicking the day before.  There is an equally terrible monster hill on the route but thankfully my body adapted this time and the only effect at the top of this one was some burning glutes and hard breathing.  I took this one easy because I had subconsciously pushed it a bit the previous two days.  5 Miles @8:53/mi pace.

Friday – REST – The Dodgers played absolutely terrible and were bounced from the playoffs in game 6.  Great way to start the weekend.  Wait ’til next year!

Saturday – 5 Miles – I really slept in on Saturday.  A solid 10 hours of sleep before rolling out of bed just before 8:30am.  I debated going for a run before breakfast but that didn’t work out.  Why?  Not because I have no discipline, I actually planned on just eating some cereal and then heading to the trail BUT then I realized that my refrigerator was literally empty of any actual food.  I didn’t even have milk.  A good sign that I need to slow down and return to my domesticated lifestyle of grocery shopping and making my own meals.  Well, breakfast at my favorite spot is my favorite part of Saturday so I am not complaining, it’s just a waste of money when you eat out EVERY meal.  Moving on.  Hit the trail around 11 and man was it warm, easily in the low 80’s, not complaining though because the way I see it, the more miles I log in higher temps now, the better my body will respond NEXT WEEK in the cold of New York (hopefully).  Hal said that this should be a “Pace” run so I took that to mean, I have the green light to push it a bit and get my heart pumping for once.  Getting the heart going in the heat and on the trail was not too difficult. I used this run as another opportunity to practice my breathing and envision the last 4 miles of the marathon.  I am as ready as I can be.  4.5 Miles @7:39/mi pace.

Saw this guy in front of me after tiny.

Saw this guy in front of me after lunch…so tiny.

Sunday – 12 Miles – This is the point in training where I need to focus.  I kept looking at this run as ONLY 12 miles…seriously.  I did absolutely no preparation for this run.  I didn’t eat a solid carb meal or do water drops the night before.  Hell, I didn’t even do a water drop.  I did make sure to stick with my pre-run meal of a banana, a honey stinger waffle, and half a Clif shot gel.  I grabbed one 8oz bottle of water, slapped on my new race day shoes to break them in a bit more and out the door I went.  It was just after 7am and chilly.  The sun was barely up and the city was still quiet, a beautiful Fall morning.  The run was uneventful until….

I guess I am still a professional runner...the money keeps rolling in.

I guess I am still a professional runner…the money keeps rolling in. Blurry, can’t stop won’t stop.

Yeah, most people find quarters or pennies on the ground but not me, this is the third time I have found actual bills on a run.  The first time it was a twenty, the second time (like a month ago) it was a five and a one, and this time it was just one George Washington.  I did find it in the gutter but I used my water to rinse it off and put it in my pocket.  I was actually kind of concerned though, I found that buck at around mile 5 and I used about 2oz of my 8oz bottle to rinse it off, thankfully it was cool out.  Everything went smooth, I took a gel pack at mile 6 and rationed my water.  Around mile 9 I knew I was going to be fine in regards to hydration and although it was beginning to warm up, I was fine.  I got a little antsy to be done so my last mile was slightly quicker than the rest. 12.05 Miles @8:45/mi pace.  That is it, no more “long” runs!  Next week is 8 and that is chump change in this program so now I really have to watch the diet.


The butcher knife route returns right J!



Summary : I hate to say this but I am really not too excited about the race YET.  I know it will come, maybe my subconscious doesn’t want to believe it is actually going to happen after last years events, who knows.  I don’t think I had a chance to truly get excited last year either since everything was so up in the air.  Since there is a lack of excitement, there is also a lack of nerves. I tend to only feel nervous when I feel unprepared, and I know I have fully prepared for this.  Don’t get me wrong, I will be a ball of energy at the start and probably pacing a hole into the ground the hour before the race but as of right now…call me Cool Hand Dom.  I did get this bit of news last week…Wave

Yeah!  WAVE 1.  I may have mentioned that I joined the NYRR when I signed up.  There was a discount for being an NYRR runner so I figured why not give them some money and become a member.  Well, my goal time would have probably landed me in WAVE 2 but because I joined the NYRR, they put me in the “local competitive” group!  This is awesome because it means less people in front of me the entire race and post race.  I hope to have a semi-easy exit which will also mean that I can grab food around the race fairly easily and hopefully make it back towards the finish to cheer some people on.


Last but not least.  This happened at the beginning of last week as well…



My running goal for 2013 was to hit 1,100 miles this year.  After the marathon I will be extremely close, within about ten miles I think, or less.  So that means I am going to stretch my goal now and shoot for 1,250.  I need something to bring me back after all is said and done!


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About Dominick S.

I am no longer new to the running community. I started this blog in 2012 as an outlet. I decided to express myself but had no idea anyone would actually read my posts. I don't have a ton of subscribers but after 2 years of "expressing myself" I do have a solid group of new friends. Hopefully I can continue to share something of value to someone. Thanks for reading! Dominick

21 responses to “NYCMarathon Training : Week 16”

  1. Tayler Cabalka says :

    Man, do I admire your dedication. And your eye for lost pocket change.

    • Dominick S. says :

      Its just part of the routine now but I imagine after NY it will be difficult to peel myself out of bed for morning runs. As for the money, I am not constantly looking, I just happen to find it!

  2. sephiroth796 says :

    Butcher Knife route! Congrats on the wave #1 placement. There are loads of ads everywhere for the NYC marathon in NYC; a constant reminder that kinda builds the excitement. I can’t imagine how much money I may have ran passed all these years…

    • Dominick S. says :

      Ha, I knew you would like that route pic. As for the ads, last year I saw one on a bus in Pasadena the week of NYC and I got beyond excited. Seeing the ad on the bus was actually what helped push me over the edge to make the trip instead of canceling, I figured it was a sign…well it was a sign…you know what I mean. Anyway, I will definitely be excited once I get to Brooklyn next Thursday! As for money, man, New York probably has thousands of dollars just waiting to be found!

  3. The Sassy Swan says :

    A shout out?? I love it! Thanks for the well wishes!

    What a great week you had! No bad runs, some killer times, AND you found a dollar. Does it get much better? Also, congrats on another 1,000+ mile year – I’m shooting for the same this year…we shall see!

    I can tell you are more confident this time around. Your writing and runs are more sure of themselves and I can’t wait to see how you do in NYC. So awesome you are running in a wave with locals. You’re going to kill this.

    • Dominick S. says :

      I am not a fake online friend Kate…I am your online bff O-K. We go way back. If I don’t get a virtual invitation to your wedding that I can decline then I am going to be totes upset.

      Anyway, running definitely gets much better than last week but in the grand scheme of things it was pretty, pretty, pretty good. What are you at thus far? Last year I hit 1,000 on December 31st if you remember. I think I will have to force the issue again this year but I am not sure I will try and map out “1,250” as a route.

      I am definitely more confident this year. I didn’t have one mental beat down that I couldn’t handle and accepted walking to stretch or drink water as a necessity. Last year I was too high strung. Too worried about pace, and not willing to walk until it was too late. Anyway, I don’t know about KILL, but I am ready to give everything I have to hit my goal.


  4. Jen says :

    Great week! And thanks for the shoutie! I can understand your lack of excitement, given what happened last year. I would probably be the same way. No doubt once you get into that starting corral, it will hit you: It’s really happening!!! So cool that you get to run in Wave 1 with the locals.

    I can’t believe you wasted 2 oz. of water (1/4 of your whole bottle!!) cleaning off that dollar bill.

    • Dominick S. says :

      I think I am more excited for you (and Kate) to run than I am for myself. Once I hit the corral and they start releasing the waves I will be saying to myself…9 minute first mile, 9 minute first mile, 9 minute first mile….

      People are probably going to take off like Kenyans. Hopefully I can find a couple awesome locals to pace with.

      As for the water…it wasn’t my best decision but I knew there was a water fountain at the Rose Bowl if I absolutely needed it. Dolla dolla billlllls ya’ll!

      • Jen says :

        I will be doing the same thing at the beginning of MCM, except that I’ll be saying “10 minute first mile” instead of 9 minutes. I think we’ll both crush our marathons! (finger crossed!)

  5. Megan Cabalka says :

    Hey…do you like the Dodgers? I wasn’t sure. That’s pretty sweet you’re able to go to the games though. And now you’re going for 1,250 miles?! I’ve been dying to reach 1k but I was lazy during the spring months…womp womp. Enjoy your taper!

    • Dominick S. says :

      I know right. I haven’t shut up about Dodger games this year. I apologize to EVERYONE. I really thought it was our year…bummer.

      1,250, it will be difficult especially because I plan on taking at least 7-10 days off after NYC. So that will leave me with 150 in a month and a half. No slacking for me, I will have to get right back at those long runs in December. What is your yearly total thus far?

      • Megan Cabalka says :

        HA! I’m only around 700 or something. I pretty much took all of February off and then only got 50ish miles in per month before marathon training. The only time I’ll hit 1000 is a year I train for a marathon…and hopefully this is my last one…

  6. Amy says :

    At what point last year did the weather come into question? I feel we’d have an idea if a random hurricane would shut down the city at this point, right? And it’s cool if you aren’t all that excited about the race because I am excited enough for you! I think you are the last internet running buddy to cross a marathon off the list (KNOCKING LOUDLY ON WOOD), and I can’t wait for you to dish about the anguish and glory of marathonhood! 10 DAYS!!! Stay away from sick people.

    And as for mileage, do you have another race in the works? That’s an ambitious number to hit!

    • Dominick S. says :

      I think the weather became a concern like 8 days before the race last year…nothing so far…I checked once and told myself its out of my control. I know, I am such the last one to the party on this thing! I am focusing on the glory part and hope there is little anguish. I will be staying away from people in general as much as possible, the plane is my main concern.

      As for mileage, only race thus far left for 2013, a 5k turkey trot. I may consider finding an early January half marathon so I can PR. I will basically have to hit around 50 miles in the last two weeks of November and then another 110 in December…which just means a couple long run sundays.

      10 days!

  7. runcolbyrun says :

    26 bones for 26 miles. Sweet. Now that’s good karma! I was hoping you’d be in my wave. Damn you green. I’m Orange (top of the bridge baby!) at 10:05 I think. I think I’m ready. Well. I’d better be. I’ll be an angst ball of nerves, but I’ll be there. Excited as hell. Cheers to you Dominick. It’s been a long road for you to New York. (Damn you Sandy.) Safe travels. And if you want to grab a beer with Tim and I, I’m game. To New York! {Clink!}

    • Dominick S. says :

      HA. Technically I think the total is 27 with this additional buck…so I am in it for the marathon plus some! I am only going to assume that I was moved into Green based on my NYRR membership purchase at the time I registered…psyched about the lines, bummed about not being on the top of the bridge. I plan on trying to finish and grab food before heading back to the finish area to cheer people on for about a half hour. I would love to grab a beer after the race with you two if we can figure out a way to make it work!

      • sephiroth796 says :

        I know many who are falling back a few corrals even a wave just to get out of green (rumors of yellow rain) and start on the top of the bridge (I was planning to do that last year, I’m orange this year). Also, I hear it takes 20-30 minutes just to get out of central park due to crowds and strict paths. Plan accordingly. Also, just found out that shuttle buses leave for staten island until 6:30. This is an option to avoid having to depend on the ferry.

      • Dominick S. says :

        Ha, I heard about this yellow rain. I have already accepted it and will be moving towards the middle. I don’t get how there could be yellow rain if we are in the first wave. Who will be on top to pee? Anyway, yeah, I am planning on it taking about 20-30 minutes to get out even though I hope to beat the major crowds. I hope to not miss the ferry but if I do then I will hustle to Grand Central. Hopefully I will have a chance to catch you on the weekend and introduce myself!

      • runcolbyrun says :

        Regardless of when you finish, expect a huge throng of people shuffling out. It took me about an hour to exit when I ran 2 years ago however, now with many NOT checking bags, I’m hoping for a zippier exit. Seriously though, the marathon itself—there is nothing like it. Exiting the damn race was almost my undoing though. Here’s to a speedy exit! To New York!

      • runcolbyrun says :

        Sweet! Drop me an email: and hopefully we can meet up. Safe travels! Run swiftly! :-)

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