2014 Thus Far and One Run For Boston!

Alright, since I can hardly consider myself anything more than a participant on the interwebs, let’s contribute.  After cramming to reach my total mileage for 2013 my body staged a revolt.  A little ache in my foot turned into a throb and next thing you know I was out of commission for two weeks.  Two positives emerged out of the negative, first, I have switched to an 80% vegetarian diet and second, I rediscovered Pilates.  Those adjustments have led to a stronger but unfortunately slightly leaner me.  I am also back to running around 25 miles a week to go with one day each of Yoga and intense cross training at the Rose Bowl.  That means I have very few rest days and have been falling in love with back to back workouts.  I have also incorporated push ups, planks and squats into my daily routine so I am feeling much stronger in 2014, now if I can just get into the gym to lift twice a week all would be right in the world.  Physically all is well!

As for the rest,  I am beginning to see all possibilities of my new path.  I won’t pretend that I don’t miss the old path but they aren’t in opposition, they are just different and I am embracing the new as much as I did the old.  So what exactly does that mean?  Primarily it translates to a shit ton of traveling, running and some sporadic volunteering.  I went to Denver in February and had a blast hanging out with fellow bloggers Tayler and Kelly.  I absolutely loved Denver.  Snowboarding, trail running, eating, museum perusing and general exploring via foot and bicycle…the city and state exceeded all expectations and I look forward to visiting again.  Some visual highlights, although I could/should do an entire post on the Mile High City because it is an awesome place…

Copper Mountain, ColoRADo

Copper Mountain goodness!


“This day can’t get any better”…and then an SUV rolled up and the back window went down… “Excuse me, would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?”…


Yeah, Red Rocks and Denver…I get why every artist says it is their favorite venue.


Insanely beautiful and majestic.

I have the San Francisco Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon in early April.  The thing that makes San Francisco so awesome?  Not only will it allow me to cross running a half in the City off the bucket list (Jen, you, me, Gypsy and beer after the run?) but it’s also the first race for my old friend that I somehow inspired to become a “runner”.  My friend Damaris always commented on social media about my running as if I was doing the impossible and over time I was able to motivate her to DO IT, not try…DO.  I don’t know if there is anything more fulfilling in running than helping someone to positively confront their self-imposed limits.  She has stuck with her training and watching the growth has been amazing.  The week after San Francisco is Coachella, I keep saying I won’t go back but this year I really don’t have a good reason not to attend, so back I go for 4 days of fun and music in the desert sun.  By the way, I have so much music to share, if you need some recommendations let me know…I got ‘em.

In May I head to back to New York to run the Brooklyn Half Marathon with my friend Nathan.  I am excited about this one for a different reason, this race will be an attempt at a half PR so speed training steps up soon. Oh, and yeah, it also means I get to go back to New York. Once I return from New York, I will have about four weeks of calm before I finally free myself from the invisible borders of North America for the first time.  I still can’t believe it has taken this long but I leave in June for a 7 week adventure with my best friend and I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am for the journey to begin.  Worth noting, this trip will include lots and lots of running, I will share the full details soon!

On the volunteer front, I have participated in all three snow mentor days this season for Stoked and it has been fantastic, now the weather needs to cooperate so that the season can extend past March and we can continue to impact the youth of Los Angeles on the snow.  More information on Stoked HERE.  It’s not really volunteer work but this past weekend I went and cheered on runners at the LA Marathon because it had such an impact on me in New York that I felt I needed to TRY and return the favor that so many strangers extended me.  I turned hype man for a solid 5 hours and the time melted away.  Side note, I will be running the Los Angeles Marathon next year (committed now), who wants to join me?  I will also be working with California CareForce in Indio for two days next month to provide free dental, medical and vision services to the Palm Springs area.  I worked the event last year and it was incredible to see how many people utilize the service and how badly it is needed.  More information HERE.

THE BEST.  Stoked Mentoring.

THE BEST. Stoked Mentoring.

Lots of high fives and lots of me jabbering in runners ears.  So much fun!

Lots of high fives and lots of me jabbering in runners ears. So much fun!

But the most exciting thing on the schedule is the One Run For Boston that begins this weekend.  A quick overview, One Run is a continuous relay that starts in Santa Monica, CA and ends in Boston, MA, all benefiting the One Fund, a nonprofit organization that aides those impacted by the Boston Marathon bombing last year.  There are over 1,400 runners signed up right now for the 300+ stages, covering 3,300+ miles and to say that I am honored to be a part of it is an understatement.  I will be running Stage 6 at around midnight this Sunday in California.  10 miles of glorious road with the One Run For Boston baton, so excited.  Here is a quick video :

If you would like to donate a dollar or ten, please do so HERE.

That is all for now but as you all now…I am still here…still reading and commenting…I will write more when it feels right again!  Stay up!

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About Dominick S.

I am no longer new to the running community. I started this blog in 2012 as an outlet. I decided to express myself but had no idea anyone would actually read my posts. I don't have a ton of subscribers but after 2 years of "expressing myself" I do have a solid group of new friends. Hopefully I can continue to share something of value to someone. Thanks for reading! Dominick

9 responses to “2014 Thus Far and One Run For Boston!”

  1. krhtoday says :

    The answer is “yes” always yes to girl scout cookies.

    • Dominick S. says :

      It was an emphatic yes…I had been craving Girl Scout that entire week leading up to that day to the point where I almost started stalking the grocery stores until I found them…thankfully they found me. If there is a God, that was a sign he exists and has a sense of humor.

  2. Jen says :

    Glad to see that you’re LIVING life so fully – I’ll forgive you for slacking on the blogging. Definitely mark me down for a beer before, during, and/or after the SF RnR Half. It will be great to finally meet you IRL!

    Hope the One Run went well – was that last night? And I can’t wait to hear about your epic travel plans! I’ll have to live vicariously through you…

    • Dominick S. says :

      I wouldn’t say I am LIVING it in all caps but I am staying busy. I will contact you in the days leading up to the Rock’n’Roll SF for sure. The One Run was last night and it went really well considering I hadn’t gone for 10 miles since NYC and it 7 miles of my route were uphill. I got in a zone and just enjoyed my time with the baton and my thoughts. As for the travel plans, so much great stuff, it will be an amazing experience.

  3. Amy says :

    WOW. Glad to see that you are taking this time to explore and really help put positive energy into the world. I can’t even handle the fact that you are spending 7 weeks in Europe. There needs to be a “madly jealous” button. And I absolutely love Denver. I would move there in a second if the opportunity came up.

    Glad to see that you are healed up because it looks like you have a bunch of races coming up and hoping that the lots and lots of running in Europe are in preparation for Santa Rosa so that I can crash in on Dominick/Jen San Francisco beer time.

    So happy that you did One Run and had a good experience. Your picture was all over the facebook group page yesterday! Nice beard!

    • Dominick S. says :

      Making some “lemonade” and focusing on the positive things I can do with my time. I am mad jelly of my Europe trip too, I passed on it the last 3 years with my friend and now the time is right so off I go. As for Denver, I was blown away by everything, I am not sure I could make it a permanent home but the outdoorsy side of me LOVED it.

      As for running, healed and building my mileage back up. I will sign up for Santa Rosa if I don’t get into NYC, so I will know by the end of the month if I need to start training again. That would make me put down some serious miles in Europe if that happens but man would that make for some amazing memories!

      I didn’t know about the One Run group page…I just requested. The beard is out of control but its 100% awesome and I am growing it for at least another 2 months! I didn’t think I would like it as much as I do. Aaron could catch me in a month I am sure…but I won’t give him any ideas!

  4. sephiroth796 says :

    Snowboarding and trail running Denver, awesome. Definitely on my todo list now. The BK Half is considered a fast course, mostly downhill for the last half as you head to Coney Island and the beach. The weather is always nice in late May. The One Run For Boston sounds epic, you’ve been certainly living it up this winter.

    • Dominick S. says :

      Everyone should visit Denver, it is a great place for the outdoors enthusiast. As for Brooklyn, man, now I am really excited to run, sounds like a PR in the making for sure…my current PR is on a semi hilly course here in Pasadena so I am ready for something flat and if it is downhill then AWESOME. Let’s pray for mild weather! As for One Run For Boston, you should join the New York group run/join the runner in Manhattan if you can, its a great experience! I am kind of envious of everyone that had a chance to run with other people, I lone wolfed it on my route. I am in explorer mode and loving it.

  5. timetofititin says :

    Loving the beard! A good friend of mine who is also sporting the beard, said, “With a great beard comes great responsibility.” I will now hold you to the highest of standards :).

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