Ground Control to Major Dom

…floating in a most peculiar way.

I am not dead. Quite the contrary actually.

Those of you who really follow this blog are very aware of the reason for the hiatus.  I don’t particularly know what I want from writing on here but I do miss the interactions and I am still trying to stay up to date on the happenings with the loyal few.  So an update, I was in Europe for two glorious months and it was quite the experience.  Lots of fine memories and plenty of introspection.  I haven’t stopped running, I actually averaged about 25 miles a week (plus a ton of walking) in Europe. I dragged my ass out of bed to hit the streets of Barcelona, Rome, Nice, Strasbourg, Munich, Paris and then there was the beautifully hellish trail from Vernazza to Corniglia.  I could write pages upon pages for every run, but that stuff most likely only interests me.  Although running while traveling  sounded burdensome to me at first, it’s absolutely the best way to experience a city and its culture.  I have actually been back in California a little over a month and although I am not currently training for anything in particular I am still running about five times a week.  I do have my eyes on the Rock’n’Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon at the end of next month and I plan on registering for the Los Angeles Marathon in 2015.  Anyone want to join me at either?  Accepting applications.

As for the rest.  I have continued to travel a little since I have been back and I am hitting the road for some camping in my former hometown of Mammoth Lakes this weekend with some old buds.  Then the following week its off to Phoenix for a wedding and to hit the Grand Canyon for some trail running…no…I am not doing the Rim to Rim to Rim route because I am not crazy…yet.  I am reading a ton, working my way through the “big” names like Kerouac, Hemingway, Camus, Wilde, Wells, Koestler, Bukowski and my new favorite John Fante.  I have given up television and movies (for the most part) in favor of books and I tell ya, best decision. I have been listening to a ton of music and I have even gone to a handful of shows, way too many bands to list but let me know if you need some rock, blues, jazz, (real) country/folk, hip hop or electronic recommendations because I have plenty to share.  I started painting again which is…whatever…it’s a good creative outlet but I rarely like the end result.   I am writing a little here and there, what I am not sure, but I am writing for myself and that feels good.  Some visits to museums, movies and plays have also been in play to pass the time.  And of course, there are Dodger games, actually, lots of those, probably eight games in the last seven weeks.  So life is moving along pretty well.  Obviously this is the candy coated version of life (ahem, Traveling Circus), there is tons of stuff that I won’t share because it’s not all that cool but writing this definitely helps me step back and assess how things are going as a whole…which right now…aint so bad.

If you’re interested in anything in particular, write it below and I will write a post on it!  For now, back to catching up on your WordPress sites!

10 for Tuesday?

I feel the need to post something in hopes that I may catch the writing bug again because there is so many interesting stories from the past three months and even more exciting plans for the coming three.  But writing recaps sounds exhausting so for now, I will share music…because I have fallen in love with so many new artists lately and revisited some old ones…you may not have heard of some, or most of these…but if you have a $100 burning a whole in your pocket then just go to iTunes now and download each album below…if not…then head to Spotify and add each of these to your playlist and enjoy the hours of awesome.

1. Woodkid : The Golden Age

Larger than life sound from a multitalented Frenchmen who also dabbles in music videos. I saw him live…and I walked away thankful for music.

Bonus Running Track : Run Boy Run

2. GOAT : World Music

Umm, if you can’t get psyched up listening to this high energy Swedish band then you have no soul.  I was a semi-fan, and then I saw them live as well… and my brain almost exploded.

Bonus Running Track : Run To Your Mama

3. Warpaint : Warpaint

L.A. based band that has been around a few years and use to feature Shannyn Sossamon.  Well she’s out now but her sister remains and their latest album is phenomenal.  I also saw them recently…and I danced, A LOT.

Bonus Running Track : THE ENTIRE ALBUM

4. Beck : Morning Phase

Always a guy that I found interesting and liked his music but never bought an album.  Sea Change was fantastic but Morning Phase…is possibly the album of the year?

5. Kan Wakan : Forever Found

I don’t know what to say about this band other than soulful and soothing?  This is one of the albums that I listened to for a couple weeks and then just went back and listened to again, and thought…why is this not in my iTunes library already.  It’s an awesome 4-song album.

6. Savages : Silence Yourself

I recently professed my love for all bands with female leads, namely Cat Power (Chan Marshall) to my friend and he immediately asked if I had heard Savages.  A lot more rock than anything else…and everyone needs more rock in their life!

7. Childish Gambino : Because of the Internet

This…this guy…this Donald Glover, actor/comedian/writer guy.  Well his first album was good, real good actually, I was a fan.  But this second album…may just be my favorite rap album in years.  He use to write for 30 Rock so the guy knows how to write and it shows in his lyrics…he is a cross of early Eminem and early Kanye.  Very nerdy, very honest and very talented.

Bonus Running Track : Sweatpants

8. Jhene Aiko : Sail Out

Now this has a lot to do with her connection to the aforementioned Childish Gambino, and the rest is probably just her…she is insanely attractive and her voice is seductive.  She reminds me of a darker Banks, they both talk serious about relationships and being independent but Jhene Aiko is “2 Live Crew” to Banks’ “Boyz II Men”.

9. Lykke Li : Youth Novels

I don’t think I have heard a voice as cute and sensual …in maybe forever?  So many good songs but Dance, Dance, Dance and Let It Fall will get you hooked.  Very upbeat and fun.

10. Rhye : Woman

There is a ton of fuss about Rhye…two dudes…promise…making soulful, smooth music.  I don’t know if a band has been this sexy since the XX.  Very Sade-esque and very chill time vibez.

You’re welcome and I hope to write again soon…

2014 Thus Far and One Run For Boston!

Alright, since I can hardly consider myself anything more than a participant on the interwebs, let’s contribute.  After cramming to reach my total mileage for 2013 my body staged a revolt.  A little ache in my foot turned into a throb and next thing you know I was out of commission for two weeks.  Two positives emerged out of the negative, first, I have switched to an 80% vegetarian diet and second, I rediscovered Pilates.  Those adjustments have led to a stronger but unfortunately slightly leaner me.  I am also back to running around 25 miles a week to go with one day each of Yoga and intense cross training at the Rose Bowl.  That means I have very few rest days and have been falling in love with back to back workouts.  I have also incorporated push ups, planks and squats into my daily routine so I am feeling much stronger in 2014, now if I can just get into the gym to lift twice a week all would be right in the world.  Physically all is well!

As for the rest,  I am beginning to see all possibilities of my new path.  I won’t pretend that I don’t miss the old path but they aren’t in opposition, they are just different and I am embracing the new as much as I did the old.  So what exactly does that mean?  Primarily it translates to a shit ton of traveling, running and some sporadic volunteering.  I went to Denver in February and had a blast hanging out with fellow bloggers Tayler and Kelly.  I absolutely loved Denver.  Snowboarding, trail running, eating, museum perusing and general exploring via foot and bicycle…the city and state exceeded all expectations and I look forward to visiting again.  Some visual highlights, although I could/should do an entire post on the Mile High City because it is an awesome place…

Copper Mountain, ColoRADo

Copper Mountain goodness!


“This day can’t get any better”…and then an SUV rolled up and the back window went down… “Excuse me, would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?”…


Yeah, Red Rocks and Denver…I get why every artist says it is their favorite venue.


Insanely beautiful and majestic.

I have the San Francisco Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon in early April.  The thing that makes San Francisco so awesome?  Not only will it allow me to cross running a half in the City off the bucket list (Jen, you, me, Gypsy and beer after the run?) but it’s also the first race for my old friend that I somehow inspired to become a “runner”.  My friend Damaris always commented on social media about my running as if I was doing the impossible and over time I was able to motivate her to DO IT, not try…DO.  I don’t know if there is anything more fulfilling in running than helping someone to positively confront their self-imposed limits.  She has stuck with her training and watching the growth has been amazing.  The week after San Francisco is Coachella, I keep saying I won’t go back but this year I really don’t have a good reason not to attend, so back I go for 4 days of fun and music in the desert sun.  By the way, I have so much music to share, if you need some recommendations let me know…I got ’em.

In May I head to back to New York to run the Brooklyn Half Marathon with my friend Nathan.  I am excited about this one for a different reason, this race will be an attempt at a half PR so speed training steps up soon. Oh, and yeah, it also means I get to go back to New York. Once I return from New York, I will have about four weeks of calm before I finally free myself from the invisible borders of North America for the first time.  I still can’t believe it has taken this long but I leave in June for a 7 week adventure with my best friend and I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am for the journey to begin.  Worth noting, this trip will include lots and lots of running, I will share the full details soon!

On the volunteer front, I have participated in all three snow mentor days this season for Stoked and it has been fantastic, now the weather needs to cooperate so that the season can extend past March and we can continue to impact the youth of Los Angeles on the snow.  More information on Stoked HERE.  It’s not really volunteer work but this past weekend I went and cheered on runners at the LA Marathon because it had such an impact on me in New York that I felt I needed to TRY and return the favor that so many strangers extended me.  I turned hype man for a solid 5 hours and the time melted away.  Side note, I will be running the Los Angeles Marathon next year (committed now), who wants to join me?  I will also be working with California CareForce in Indio for two days next month to provide free dental, medical and vision services to the Palm Springs area.  I worked the event last year and it was incredible to see how many people utilize the service and how badly it is needed.  More information HERE.

THE BEST.  Stoked Mentoring.

THE BEST. Stoked Mentoring.

Lots of high fives and lots of me jabbering in runners ears.  So much fun!

Lots of high fives and lots of me jabbering in runners ears. So much fun!

But the most exciting thing on the schedule is the One Run For Boston that begins this weekend.  A quick overview, One Run is a continuous relay that starts in Santa Monica, CA and ends in Boston, MA, all benefiting the One Fund, a nonprofit organization that aides those impacted by the Boston Marathon bombing last year.  There are over 1,400 runners signed up right now for the 300+ stages, covering 3,300+ miles and to say that I am honored to be a part of it is an understatement.  I will be running Stage 6 at around midnight this Sunday in California.  10 miles of glorious road with the One Run For Boston baton, so excited.  Here is a quick video :

If you would like to donate a dollar or ten, please do so HERE.

That is all for now but as you all now…I am still here…still reading and commenting…I will write more when it feels right again!  Stay up!

2013 : I’ll Just Say, Fare Thee Well.

And just like that, 2013 walked out of our lives forever.  It was a year marked by sporadic blog entries and I can’t promise that 2014 will be any different but I will do my best to stay somewhat active.  

So what have I been doing?  In short, I’ve been doing my best to focus on my health.  That means yoga once a week and running.  My diet has gone slightly to shit but I am aware and making efforts to get it back on track.  Overall, the physical is stable and I am extremely thankful for that. Running has been the constant in my life, I think I may be a tad burned out but I am still moving forward and isn’t that the name of the game?  I have struggled a little with motivation since New York but I am still getting out at least 4 days a week.  In the middle of December it came to a halt for a few days, I actually took an unplanned break from running, for get this…5 FULL days.  Crazy I know, but to put it into perspective, after NYC I only took 3 days off.  I don’t know if I ever mentioned my mileage stretch goal  for 2013? I know that the 1,100 mile goal was declared but the stretch goal of 1,250 started coming into focus once I chose my training program for NYC.  Well after New York I took it a bit easy.  Then the 5 day hiatus coupled with the decline in total weekly mileage, I was doing my best to let that goal slip away.  With just 11 days left in December I still had 51 miles to run and two holidays.  I kept thinking…1,200 is so AWESOME …I was trying to be content with the total I had already reached.  51 miles in 11 days just seemed overwhelming.

So rewind to the holidays, usually my favorite part of the year because it’s a time for family and friends but life changed a lot for me in 2013 and the holidays slapped me across the face with the weight of it all.  November was probably the most insane month in my life, I literally went from completing the New York City Marathon, one of my highest moments, to one of my lowest.  I don’t share too much personal information and I don’t plan to share much more than the next paragraph because words would fail the emotion and the person.

I was in a relationship with a woman for over 9 years, someone who I loved completely and cherished as a partner but most of all as my best friend.  In mid November it became clear that our expectations for the relationship were not in alignment and that it was time to really go our separate ways. The lesson of the year for me was that no matter how much effort you put in, or how bad you want something, the outcome is not always reflected in the end result.  Things don’t always work out as planned.  I am doing my best to accept that I gave the relationship my all and that I can’t control the outcome, especially when someone else’s hopes and dreams are part of the equation.  I continue to adjust my perspective and focus on the positives. The positives are my friends, new and old, and family that have helped make the transition better and instilled confidence.  The reality is that I am thankful for the relationship, she made me a better person and I hope I did the same for her. Either way, time passes whether I like it or not and I’m slowly getting a handle on life as a single person.  Doing my best to reform good habits and handle things the right way.  It’s a big change in my life and I would be remiss to not share even the vaguest of details.

Running has definitely become therapy, hours on the road or trail with nothing but some background music and my thoughts.   As we all know, this can either be really great or really frustrating but overall its amazing because there is no “running away” from your thoughts, you have to face them.  So now to turn the focus back to 1,250, I realized I was making excuses and trying my best to whither away 2013.  The goal just needed to be addressed, it was absolutely something that I could and would do.  I set a loose plan with 11 days left and on December 31 I set out for a trail run in the middle of the desert with 5.3 miles separating me from my goal. The best way to describe the entire run was grueling but rewarding, just like the other 1,245 miles leading up to it.  I put in a lot of work this year and although it didn’t show itself in terms of expected results, the other benefits were well-earned.  I am in great shape and have my overall health to show for every mile, for that I am continually thankful. I don’t know what 2014 has in store for me  I have in store for 2014 but I plan on making the best possible decisions with my opportunities.

Nike+, Mileage, 2013


One decision I have made for 2014 is to start doing more volunteer and charity work.  I have already signed up as a snow mentor for Stoked and this week I decided to do One Run For Boston.  A fundraising relay across America that benefits those impacted by the Boston bombing.  Amy over at Lavender Parking reminded me about the relay via her blog post and it only took a few minutes to make a decision.  I will be running Stage 6 at about midnight in a questionable part of town so it should be interesting!  If you would like to donate a couple of dollars then follow this link…One Run For Boston.

NYCMarathon Recap : Sometimes You Eat the B(e)ar…

This is entirely too long but I think you all know how I am by now.

Thursday –  I arrived in New York at 5:45 am on Halloween and made my way to Brooklyn via the subway.  I had a whirlwind few days leading up to my trip and was exhausted coming off the red-eye that morning.  Usually I try to power through the day but by the time I arrived at my friend’s house I wanted a nap.  I hit the bed and slept for a solid 2.5 hours before starting my day.  My buddy Andy and I grabbed some coffee and lunch as it started to drizzle outside.  A warm bowl of clam chowder and awesome music helped set the tone for six very New York days.  We explored Brooklyn by foot, drinking way too much coffee, finding charcuterie shop with beers and then made our way back to the place in time for trick or treaters to arrive.  We didn’t have much as far as decorations or costumes but we had candy, iTunes proving “Halloween” radio and a stoop to sit. This was exactly what I wanted and needed that day.

Where are all the kids!  It was barely getting dark…I was a little anxious.

Where are all the kids! It was barely getting dark…I was a little anxious.

The first annual gathering of the Brooklyn Stoop Candy Distribution Company

The first annual gathering of the Brooklyn Stoop Candy Distribution Company.  Andy (L) and Nathan (R)

Friday –  I ran around Manhattan this morning in search of breakfast, clothes and an Expo.  Seeing as this was my second time at the rodeo, I knew the lay of the land.  I arrived at the Javits Center on Friday afternoon via a combination of subway and by foot from Brooklyn, had my paperwork ready for a quick and easy entry/exit.  The sea of people was a decent representation of what to expect on race morning.  The bib pick up was a snap, no line, no issues.   Days earlier I had received an email stating that the NYRR had something special for those who decided to return and run in 2013, I figured it was something lame but what they had for me made me smile and kind of sad…

I considered emailing this last year about this guy but thought at the time it should be earned.  I now see that it was most assuredly EARNED.

I considered emailing them last year about this guy but thought (at the time) it should be earned. I now see that it was most assuredly EARNED.

After collecting my bib and my surprise I headed into the madness.  I needed a hat because I knew it was going to be cold on race day.  I had looked at Lululemon for something cool, nothing, Supreme NYC, nothing…so I had to find something at the Expo.  I opted for the official race cap of the marathon in white before heading to the main floor.  The set up was genius by the marathon organizers, they had a huge section with official gear and you had to walk through that before you reached the rest of the vendors.  Once out, I skipped by every company because I wanted to get back to the amazingness of Manhattan.  I would’ve made it out unscathed too if it wast for those damn kids…at Saucony.  Those bastards placed their booth right by the exit.  I decided to peruse their selection, and of course I see the special New York Kinvara 4, and of course it is bad ass…bought.  I also saw a much cooler hat with some matching orange accents and a vintage style New York Marathon shirt that looked just cool enough to buy. End result, a $180 bucks spent in roughly 10 minutes…on top of the $100 I spent at Lululemon about an hour before.  New York does an excellent job of knocking down the well fortified walls of my bank account!

Overall experience.  Positive.  I was very excited to see my bib, so excited that I requested to take a photo with the girl who handed it to me…much like last year.  Everything was well-organized and efficient.  The only issue about the Javits Center is that the closest subway exit is Madison Square Garden about 3/4 of a mile away.  Cabs are out of the question around that area, especially with Friday traffic so way too many runners were forced to pound the pavement with the race less than 48 hours away.


A quick photo to commemorate this years bib pick up just like last years!

A quick photo to commemorate this years bib pick up!

Friday Night – AWESOME.  Dinner at my favorite Brooklyn restaurant with great friends.  I am not a pork chop fan but I took a gamble on it last time I visited and it was so dang good that I could not pass it up.  I don’t think I will ever order anything else from Prime Meats in the future…its mind glowingly GREAT.

The picture sucks but the chop did not.  Grits and collard greens lie beneath.

The picture sucks but the chop did not. Grits and collard greens lie beneath.

Saturday –  I did my shakeout run with my buddy Nathan, 2 awesome miles.  He ran NYC a few years back so it was awesome to shoot the poop and explore his neighborhood with him. Everything felt as it should, I felt READY.  My brother came into town that morning off the red-eye so I hung out with him.  I did a bit of walking around the Brooklyn Flea Market since it was less than a 100 yards away from the house.  A bunch of “vintage” items and some food…advantage goes to the Rose Bowl Swap Meet, HANDS DOWN.  I chilled out the rest of the day before heading to an early dinner at a restaurant that supposedly has the best Gnocchi in Brooklyn…unfortunately it is not a permanent menu item as I had assumed, FAIL.  Don’t worry, I still managed to consume tons of pasta and bread to complete the carbo-load.  I went home, my buds went out for some drinks.  I laid out my race gear, my post race gear and went over the entire race strategy for the umpteenth time.  I was never nervous about the race but I was concerned about the 20+ degree drop in temps from Saturday to Sunday, and of course…the 15-20 mph winds all morning.  Went to bed feeling great, I fell asleep by 9pm and slept through the entire night.  Added bonus, an extra hour of sleep thanks to “fall backward”.

Donut, cold brew and a warm weather…where am I?  The Brooklyn Flea Market.

Donut, cold brew and warm weather…where am I? LA?  Nope, The Brooklyn Flea Market.

Sunday / Race Day


I was up bright and dark and early.  I was feeling fresh and quickly got ready and out the door in under 15 minutes to catch the subway over to Manhattan.  I didn’t see another runner until I hit Brooklyn and then the subway was crawling with them.  I was starting to get a little excited.  I joined the masses on the Staten Island Ferry and found a seat by the window so I could see the Statue of Liberty on the way.  I was bundled and warm and once I saw Lady Liberty, I was so happy to be a part of what was to come.


Poor picture but that was the closest I have ever been to her and it was one of those 'Merica moments that made me REAAAAAL proud.

Poor picture but that was the closest I have ever been to her and it was one of those ‘Merica moments that made me REAAAAAL proud.

We arrived at the terminal just around 6:30 and I had read some tips about hanging out there to stay warm, versus heading to the starting corrals and sitting outside in the cold, and wind.  This was a great bit of advice.  I was warm and comfortable.  At first I was concerned because there were only about 7 people sitting down when I arrived but within an hour, the terminal was PACKED and buzzing.


I struck up a conversation with a lady from Boston who was hoping to use her New York time to qualify for Boston.  We talked about races, strategy, and how we were both excited to run the course…first timer bonding to the max.  I then struck up a conversation with three guys from the UK who had trained together, I had too good a conversation with these blokes because next thing I knew it was 8:20 and I had wanted to be out of the terminal at 8:05.  I said my goodbyes, wished everyone luck and headed out the door.  The line for the shuttle was insane and I realized that I would be cutting it close to catch my corral.  I thought the corral closed at 9:10 for Wave 1 but when I arrived at my area after a quick pit stop, they told me that it had just been cut off…it was 8:55.  I was definitely disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to take off in Wave 1 but decided to just be easy and not stress.  I joined Wave 2 and snuck my way up to the first corral in the wave.  I talked to more runners and started to peel off my bigger layers.  I could see the elites on the Verrazano Bridge warming up and then before I knew it, there was a cannon blast and they were off!  You could hear New York, New York and the people cheering as they took off.  After the first wave took off the staff almost immediately started to walk us up towards the starting line.  Police held hands and formed a line to keep runners back.

A bunch of race cars at a red.

A bunch of race cars at a red.

We turned the corner and I could finally see the starting line about 300 yards in front of us.  Next thing I know people started ducking under the human police barricade.  I asked why people were doing that and someone said, they missed their Wave 1 start so they are letting them go now… WHAT?  Of course I scurry over and tell the official that I am in Wave 1 and they let me through.  I started jogging towards the start and realized that there would be no grand start for me and that I had spent no time getting warm or gathering my thoughts about something that I had looked forward to for over a year and a half.  I stopped about 50 yards before the starting line, snapped some pictures, situated myself, and focused on the what was about to happen.

Clothing carnage and Wave 1 slackers.

Clothing carnage and Wave 1 slackers.

The Run.

I crossed the mat and as soon as I did…it hit me…I would not stop until I crossed the finish line some 26.2 miles later.  I was surrounded by…NO ONE.  I could hear the music from my phone and the wind testing the strength of my bib, I literally thought it was going to blow off. The wind was that strong. I caught up to a few packs of runners after about a quarter-mile.  They were the runners with disabilities that went off at the end of Wave 1.  Two guides flanking each disabled runner.  Two guys had a prosthetic blade for a leg and to say that I was humbled was an understatement.  Then I saw the blind people running with a band around each elbow that kept them centered between two guides…I was not only thankful and humbled, but also extremely inspired.  I savored the entire first mile with the eerie Verrazano.


I stayed reigned in and took it at whatever pace I felt comfortable and then slowed it down a bit more to be sure I started slow.  I could see Manhattan from the bridge and thought to myself…that looks REALLY FAR, I have to run there.  During training I didn’t have a chance to actually see what 26.2 miles looks like so it was kind of insane to get that kind of visual. Coming down the Verrazano there were policemen and a police helicopter hovering to the left of the bridge…it was extremely surreal.  I hit the bottom of the bridge and that was the last time I would be able to hear the music on my phone.  The crowds started to line the overpasses, pretty sparse but they were there, then I hit the first neighborhood and it was on. I was having the time of my life. I was literally smiling from ear to ear. I was amazed by the energy. Amazed by the cheering people. I settled in at around an 8:40 pace but really wasn’t paying too much attention to it.  I kept thinking about something a fellow blogger Jen had written, don’t focus on time, enjoy the experience.  I figured I would do both but it was around mile 6 when I realized I was about 10 seconds per mile slower than I needed to be so I decided, no big deal, if I can make it up at the end then great, if not, no big deal.

I started looking for my brother around mile 6.  He said he would be across from the Pep Boys at mile 7.  I was searching the horizon for a mile and then I saw it and immediately started scanning the right side.  Thankfully my brother is 6’7″ so he is very easy to spot and once I did, I headed straight for him and his brother/sister-in-law.  I ran over, gave high fives all around and tossed him my phone case that I forgot to take off. I didn’t stop, I slowed, and moved on…in hindsight, I probably should’ve, at least for a few seconds.  They knew I was overjoyed to see them, it was seeping out of me physically and emotionally. My brother said, “How is it going so far?”…I yelled back as I passed, “I feel awesome, see you in a bit!”.


A sign made by my brother niece…so darn cute.

A sign made by my brother’s niece…so darn cute.

The roads were wide heading up 4th Avenue and soon I hit the Barclays Center, an area that I had walked around the days before.  I saw a landmark that told me the house I was staying at was less than a mile away.  The wide streets of 4th Avenue quickly gave way to the narrow and tree-lined streets of Lafayette.   The crowd became thick and the sound became thicker.  This was my most favorite section of the course. Maybe it was because I had spent the days leading up to the race exploring it and making it my temporary home but it also has something to do with the area being so quintessentially New York.  Classic Brownstone’s on both sides, and trees the color of fall…picturesque.


As I neared the house I took off my sleeves, and put everything extra into my hat before tossing in the gutter as I neared my friends.  They had signs, they were yelling and smiling.  I was so excited/thankful/proud/happy to be at that very point in my life.  I had done something right to be able to be at that point.  8.5 miles in and had passed some of the most supportive people in all aspects of my life, I  loved it all.  I dished out some high fives, snatched three gel packs from Andy and kept cruising.  Go Dom, GO! HA, thinking about it still makes me happy!

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 4.42.46 PM

I was ready to conquer. Ready to achieve.  I was excited once I hit Bed-Stuy, the home of Biggie and Jay-Z.  Then the much-anticipated and fully unique Jewish section of the course where the crowds disappeared and had a good chuckle when a lady yelled out…”YOU’RE ALL WINNERS!!! YOU’RE ALL WINNERS”…it’s an AMAZING Seinfeld reference…

I was in cruise control, drinking water at every other station, making sure I was fueled and making sure I was still at a minimal exertion pace.  I felt that my race strategy was being executed perfectly.  The temperature began to fluctuate drastically.  I had ditched my sleeves at Nathan’s house because the sun was peeking through and it was starting to warm up, I figured it would continue to get warmer.  The wind was still strong and at around mile 12 but then the drizzle started.  Had I known that the weather would take a turn for the worse, I would’ve kept my hat and my sleeves.  All was still well, I was running smart and only about two minutes behind my ideal pace at the half marathon point.  Around mile 14 I started feeling like I needed to step up the intensity, I was concerned I may be taking it too easy but decided that I felt I had trained well enough that I could make up some ground after mile 20 and still make a run at 3:35.  I started getting mentally prepared for break from the crowds and the impending climb at the Queensboro Bridge.  I thought, take it easy up, let yourself run naturally down and don’t get too excited when you hit 1st Avenue.  I had prepared for a monster, and don’t get me wrong, it was steep but it wasn’t as big as I expected.  I used the time on the bridge to assess how I was feeling and refocus…I concluded that I felt awesome and that I would gradually bump up the exertion on 1st Ave to get from about 8:40 to around 8:30 per mile.

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 4.47.40 PM


As I ran up first ave, the wind was still howling and I knew that it was bad when I started to see a shadow at my feet, I was being drafted.  I chuckled and just kept on going, I didn’t lose my shadow for at least a mile.  I proactively decided to walk and take in some water at mile 19 to break the monotony of the stride just as I had done in training.  I was still beaming with smiles but I knew I needed to start focusing. I knew there was another bridge coming up to get into the Bronx and that pretty soon after that the battle would begin.  When I hit the Bridge, my legs started to feel a little odd so I decided to stop and stretch real quick.  I walked for about 10 seconds and ate an electrolyte bean before getting started again.

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 4.44.36 PM

This was taken seconds before I took my stretch break…a little more serious but still feeling good.

Soon after the above photo the shit hit the fan.  I cramped up really bad in my right hamstring and I had to stop.  It was at this point that the pressure of the clock became a factor. I started calculating how long I could take to try and work this thing out the right way so I could push to the finish.  I decided I was ok with walking and stretching for about a minute before moving forward.  I grabbed a banana from a family on the side (the amount of people who offered support like this was incredible).  I ate the banana and then started on my way again.  About a tenth of a mile laterit happened again.  I did my best to tell myself, it’s ok, you are doing awesome. A minute or two had passed and I felt like I needed to keep going, I could feel myself transitioning my thoughts to 3:45.  I began to jog, then a couple tenths later I cramped again…I began to realize that 3:45 was going to be difficult to hit if this persisted. I pulled off my phone to see my time as I walked.  I had a couple of text messages from friends telling me how well I was doing and that they were tracking me. I hadn’t crossed a mat recently so I sent a response back …cramping bad.   Messages came back quickly…keep going, you got this.  It never crossed my mind that I would not finishbut it also hadn’t crossed my mind that I would be in this type of battle to make it under 4 hours.  I kept moving in hopes that the last cramp was the final one and at some point I would be able to just keep moving and not need to stop anymore.  I was hoping that the cramps would subside enough to make a strong push but also began to hope that I could just get into a steady 9:00/mi trot.  I just knew I couldn’t afford to cramp or walk much more.   I never lacked energy or determination, I still felt solid but my body was uncooperative and soon my positive attitude would disappear.

Action shot!

Action shot!

My heart, my soul, my being was ready to fight. It all became really blurry once I entered Manhattan again.  I was in pure anguish.  Anguish is defined as not only physical pain but also mental, I was suffering from both.  I took gels, took walk breaks, stopped and stretched.  The crowds cheered for all the runners but when you stop, they turn into the ultimate support, so encouraging.  I was frustrated with what was happening but thankful for the people who did their best to pep me up.  The crowds were so supportive, it was something that I didn’t think I would need but I was so appreciative.  The people that chatted me up like coaches, I will remember them the most. Around mile 23 there was a lady with a handful of pretzel sticks, of course I thoughtsalt!…so I grabbed one as I walked, thanked her and then nibbled the salt off like a squirrel. I kept walking then running the best I could but it only last a short a couple of minutes each time.  There was a police officer who saw one of my worst cramps in which both hamstrings seized for about 30 seconds straight around mile 23.5…I was in severe pain and she said…do you want medical attention…of course the answer was HELL NO…but I politely said no, I’ll be ok, thank you. She looked at me like I was nuts (I am sure she gave that look out several hundred time that day) but said…ok, keep going…you’re almost there. I knew I was getting closer to Central Park and right before I had a chance to make the turn I cramped in my quads and moved to the side to stretch.  My face showed my frustration, pain and probably disappointment.  I didn’t want people to see my face when I stopped, so I stretched with my back to them.  It was about this time when I realized that even the 4 hour goal was gone….I almost broke down.  If there was ever a time that I could be invisible it was then and as I stared at the ground between my legs a girl said…lookin good…with a laugh, and then she said…keep going!  If I could’ve cracked a smile at her I would’ve.  I started up again and cramped again.  Every time I stopped to walk I was met with…you got this…you’re only X distance away. A few people caught the name on my bib and spoke to me like we were friends. Fight through it Dom, don’t give up. Keep moving, keep walking, just keep moving forward. I saw the looks of sympathy on peoples faces when the cramps hit real bad and I was embarrassed.  Now I think back and am thankful that people cared enough about a stranger to show an emotion.  I am not sure I will ever run New York again but I do plan on going back to the marathon so I can post up at mile 24 and be a part of the support system.

The entry into Central Park was amazing, that was one of the longer sections I was able to stay moving.  The cramps were still coming with different levels of severity but for about a half mile I actually felt like I may be able to run all the way to the finish. It wasn’t until about mile 24.5  that the cramps came back with a vengeance.  Stop and walk.  There was a small section of downhill where I was able to move a little better without feeling like my legs were going to seize up.

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 11.39.07 AM

I started to recognize the surroundings and new I was getting close to exiting the park and then the cramps hit again.   I finally made it to Central Park South and the crowds were thick and lining both sides of the street. I couldn’t shake the thoughts about how I expected to feel when I hit this point.  I envisioned pushing hard, running on fumes and fighting through it, feeding off the energy but the reality was that I was doing a balancing act between jogging and cramping.  With about a half mile to go my quads seized again and had to stretch by the barrier. An older man with a thick New York accent leaned over and said…You’re almost there, you’re doing it, you’re almost done. I looked up, he smiled, and said…you got it. I acknowledged him and kept moving. I heard him yell out, don’t stop…keep it slow!  I didn’t know the man but the interaction felt like he was so invested in me and believed in me in such a way that it was warming.  Over the last 6 miles I kept trying to trick myself into believing it was mind over matter, I tried to shorten the stride, run stiffer or run looser. I knew I was real close as I made my way back into the park at Columbus Circle.  I saw the people fighting up the last hill with everything they had, looking like they had noodle legs but digging as deep as they could. I wanted that experience so badly. I wanted to sprint to the finish. As I approached the 26 mile marker I thought, I can make it without stopping if I just keep this rhythm…I cramped again. I walked for a few seconds, started to jog and at 26.1, I cramped again.  Thankfully I didn’t have to fully walk across the finish line.

You see the 26 mile banner in the background and this is a fitting picture for my last 6 miles...

You see the 26 mile banner in the background and this sums up my last 6 miles perfectly.

I had dreamed about the final 5k and the pain of pushing it. I was looking forward to the battle. The feeling of my heart pounding out of my chest, my lungs searching for air, my feet throbbing or my knees aching.  Instead, as I crossed the finish line my breathe was solid, my feet felt strong, my heart was beating just fine and no aches…only tense muscles that were happy it was over.


I crossed the finish line with my head hung low. I was not ecstatic. I was dejected. A lady handed me my medal and said…you just ran a marathon!…but I was sulking.  I fake smiled and put the medal in my pocket.  If I could go back in time I would punch myself in the face, trust me.  They say that you can tell a persons character by how they handle adversity. I would hate to see how someone would size me up at that point in time. Everyone was exhausted around me. Everyone battled in some way. My path was unique to me, but everyone battled. My expectations of the day and the results were different than expected and I made a bad situation worse.  What should’ve been one of my proudest moments was my least.  Not because I didn’t reach a goal but because of how I handled it.  I think it is definitely ok to be disappointed because I know how hard I worked and what I trained my body to be capable of BUT I still gave it everything I had in a very different way.  I am proud of that.

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 11.45.12 AM

I felt terrible. I looked terrible. I’m sure I wore disappointment on my face. A volunteer wrapped a thermal blanket around me and said congrats.  The volunteers were so kind and it started to turn my attitude around slowly. As I walked the long and ironically lonely path out of the corrals I saw people limping, exhausted, and on the ground. Some being attended to by medics, it literally looked like a triage. I also saw a lot of faces just like mine. Faces of disappointment, people are a strange bunch.  I kept walking towards the exit and started hearing murmurs from people…I mean how far do we have to walk, it’s not like we just ran a marathon or anything…it was kind of insane. I was starting to get tired and really cold after 3/4 of a mile. The temps were in the low 40’s and it was still windy. I walked about a mile before finally reaching the family reunion area. Right before exiting, there was a section where volunteers slapped the special parka on you if you chose to not check a bag at the start.  Most were ladies but they were all saints. I was freezing and over walking. There were two people barking orders…keep moving down, no wait ahead!…so I kept walking. I watched as people had parkas draped on them quickly and they moved on….I  wanted one real bad but kept walking forward as instructed. Then a woman saw me, she was maybe 5’3″, she jogged over to me, I stopped and went to help her get it over my shoulders and she reprimanded me like I was her child…I got it, just stand there. She hopped up and threw it over my shoulder, she grabbed me by the shoulder area of the parka and tightened it with the velcro. She stared at me and said…congratulations…there was something maternal about the entire exchange that got to me. I realized that I had done it. Not the way I had envisioned…not even close actually. But I had done it. 

I learned a lot about myself after mile 20…some good and some bad. I learned that I am pretty selfish. I was so focused on achieving a goal that I denied myself the opportunity to fully take in the greatness of the event. New York City shuts down. A lot of people put their life on hold, for what, some runners? Why? Money…sure. But something that hit me after the fact, days after the fact, is that the marathon is a way for New York to show the world that people (especially New Yorkers) are innately great.  We are all apart of this community and we genuinely want to see the best in people.

As I made my way down Central Park West with the rest of the zombiesque walking dead I pondered improving my attitude. Lightening my mood and being proud. I finally made it to my brother and my best friend. My brother suggested I head inside an ATM room to get warm and put on some layers. I told them the details of what happened as jokingly as possible.  I think I did a decent job of keeping them entertained with my recap.  I said something to the effect of…the most disappointing part is I wanted to do this one right so I would never have to do it again!  Then my brother quipped, well, you can always do Los Angeles in March.  I laughed and said, I may have to sign up.  I plead temporary insanity, I mean look at me…


Originally we had planned to celebrate uptown with beers and I expected to be ready to cheer on some people by the park but I was spent and cold so we decided to head back to Brooklyn.  The crowds were THICK and we struggled to make it to the subway.  My brother and my friend were so thoughtful about making our way back as easy as possible for me, it again reminded me to be thankful. Once we got out of Manhattan the amount of marathoners diminished and by the time we were back in Brooklyn I was the only orange parka wearing person in sight.  One guy stopped me as we exited the subway by the Barclays and said, you ran the marathon!  Congrats!  He asked me how it went, I told him the truth…GREAT until I cramped at Mile 20…then he said, that’s awesome though, you finished!  He also told me that he had planned to run last year but it was cancelled and that he was training to run this year but got injured and had to back out.  A perspective moment that happened by absolute chance.  As we crossed the streets he said congrats again and went his own way.  I did it.  I had the chance to do it.  I was able to walk away unscathed and healthy with an experience that I will absolutely never forget.  An amazing experience all the way around.  Life doesn’t always go according to plan, hell, I don’t think it ever does…and one thing I continue to learn is how to take it all in stride.  New York taught me more about myself through this struggle then I may have learned without it and for that I am extremely grateful.  I now realize that on race day, sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you.  That day the bear filled its belly with me but I plan on getting a full helping of him next time.  Yes, there will be a next time.


T.W.S.S. = That’s What She Said

About 3 years ago I was driving to pick up a client for lunch and I was listening to a guy talk about his training for NYC on sports talk radio. I was captivated by the conversation, so much so that I decided right then and there…I’m doing that, I’m going to run a marathon, it’s going to be New York.  I picked up my client and we were talking about life, he asked me if I ran because I had a runners build….I chuckled and told him…I wouldn’t say I’m a runner but I did decide this morning that I’m going to run New York. He chuckled at my comment like I was being flippant and then said…there will be a lot of hard work but you can do it…I understood but I had no idea what he meant.  Until now I didn’t fully grasp how much of an understatement that was.  I remember telling my then girlfriend that day that I was going to run NY, I am pretty sure she thought I was full of shit. I also proclaimed my new goal on Facebook…

How is that for setting a goal and sticking to it?

2011 was a litte unrealistic but how is that for setting a goal and sticking to it?!?!

Please note, I had yet to run my first half marathon at that point but I had committed to running. But saying that I was close to being a marathoner is like saying that someone who makes mac and cheese out of a box is close to being a chef.  So I get that people probably didn’t take me too serious.  Going back and searching for this post was awesome, it allowed me to realize how far I have come in the last three years and be even more proud of the journey!

Monday – Fortunately and unfortunately I felt fine the next day.  Sure I was a bit sore but no worse for the wear than the day after my 22 miler.  Andy and I decided to head to Manhattan for round two at one of my new favorite restaurants, Momofuku Noodle Bar and also to head to Momofuku Milk Bar so I could double up on my confections.  I mean seriously, look at this…

Mind blowing ramen.

Mind blowing ramen.


Pork Belly deliciousness.

After lunch we made our way through the East Village down to SoHo before heading to the Brooklyn Bridge since my buddy Andy had never been.  The Brooklyn Bridge is in my top 3 things see in New York behind Central Park and MoMa.   We decided to walk across it and catch the subway on the other side.  The best decision.  Here are some of the highlights…

Pretty awesome…Banksy

Pretty awesome…Banksy


Washington Square Park made even more stunning…

Brooklyn_Bridge_2When we got home, we rested for a bit before heading out for the evening.  We hit the Shanty in Williamsburg for cocktails before heading to the much anticipated Peter Luger’s.   This was the steak dinner I had been waiting for and by the time we arrived we were primed for a great meal.  The staff was awesome and the food did not disappoint.  My friends and I made the entire experience memorable, we laughed REAL HARD and had the best of times.


A day of well earned gluttony!

Tuesday – Easy travel day activities.  More coffee, exploring and memories on a crisp fall morning.  New York is worthy of love for its diversity and uniqueness, it almost makes me want to pack my bags and take up residence.  Thanks for the memories and life lesson…until we meet again!


NYCMarathon Training : Week 17

Monday – 4 Miles – So as much as I would have liked to stick to the training program, I felt like having two rest days together was more beneficial so I bumped the mid-week runs up a day.  This worked out well because it meant that I could get my buddy Mike out for a run with me on Monday night.  Slow and easy.  4.07 Miles @10:09/mi pace

Tuesday – 5 Miles – I really didn’t feel like waking up early and I didn’t have anything planned for Tuesday night but for some reason I still decided to set my alarm.  This is a sign that marathon training has fully restored my morning runner status that I did my best to shake off the months leading into it.  I decided to avoid the hills and take this easy.  If my legs aren’t ready for elevation by now, cramming at the end isn’t going to save me.  5.05 Miles @8:40/mi pace.


Tuesday Night – YOGA – I had no intention of going to Yoga, I actually told myself no Yoga the last two weeks of Taper but on the drive home I decided that I should.  Why?  Not sure.  I guess the promise of a good workout and some stretching sounded good.  I really have no idea but the next thing I knew I was in the studio and sweating profusely.  No one REGRETS going to Yoga.

Wednesday – 4 Miles – Knocked this baby out in the morning as well.  Completely switched up the routine and did a route I hadn’t done in a while for a change of scenery.  Pretty much flat and urban.  4.20 Miles @8:26/mi pace.

Thursday – REST – YES.  Awesome amounts of rest.  No plans on Thursday until my brother texted me that he would be at my favorite beer bar by my house with his co-workers so I decided to meet him for one drink before heading home to nerd out on the computer for my Fantasy Basketball draft.  I am literally in sports overload right now.  Thankfully baseball is over.  So for my one drink I chose wisely, I glanced in their refrigerator behind the bar and spotted a beer that I have literally been trying to find for over 5 years!  SCORE.  It was everything I imagined it would be…

Hair of the dog, portland, fred from the wood

The rarest of rare. Portland based brewery, Hair of The Dog’s Fred from the Wood!

Friday – REST – Work.  Followed by a late dinner and some movie watching.  You know, I have been going a bit hard with running and staying active socially so I am welcoming quiet nights with open arms.  I also couldn’t help but look at the 10-day forecast for New York…please go away rain.  Get colder if you want but get rid of the rain and any wind.


Saturday – 3 Miles – Decided to shut off the alarm and wake up whenever my body felt like it.  Unfortunately my inner clock is an a-hole.  I was up at 7:30 but took my time getting to the trail.  Once there, I took my time getting warmed up.  It was BEAUTIFUL out so being on the clock was not in my best interests.  The weather was in the low 70’s and perfectly fall.  My goal for this run was to run by feel but also be aware of effort.  I didn’t pay attention to my mile alerts and just focused on how I was breathing.  The end result was an average pace in the low  8’s which is about where I will need to be from mile 16-22 come Sunday.  3.40 Miles @8:07/mi pace.  After the run I hit my favorite breakfast spot and switched up the meal to something a little more runner friendly than bread…steel cut oats…great call.


I spent the rest of the afternoon avoiding the cleaning that needed to be done in my apartment.  Instead, I opted to run a few errands and relax before heading to my parents for a family dinner.  On Thursday I won a contest at my favorite cupcake business, Dots Cupcakes in Pasadena.  This was an awesome coincidence because I was in charge of bringing the cupcakes (as usual), specifically requested from Dots as dessert (also as usual).  I was awarded a dozen regular sized cupcakes via Facebook but when I arrived to collect them… they had (4) dozen mini-cupcakes instead.  UMM WHAT?  This place has my heart but it is also the reason I fear being the thinnest diabetic on Earth.  When I order two cupcakes, I somehow end up with four in my box.  They know me.  It is a gift and a curse…a tasty curse but a curse nonetheless. 48?  Really?  I took twenty to my parents and twenty to the Bengals bar in Pasadena to celebrate another victory, but that left me with eight.  I have never thrown away a cupcake in my life…until now. Ugh, DAMN YOU TAPER!!!!!!!!  You’ll be happy to know that before I gave any of them away I decided to do what any normal person would do with 48 cupcakes…


Sunday – 8 Miles – This is not a long run.  It was at the beginning of training but now I am a MACHINE.  I fear nothing under double digits!  Seriously though, my main concern was running this too fast.  I kept it reeled in the entire time.  A little difficult to do because my mind was all over the place.  Thankfully my preoccupied thoughts made this challenging and reminded me that I need to be completely focused on the ENTIRE race for the ENTIRE time on Sunday.  8.15Miles @8:44/mi pace.  That first mile time is off, the app jumped about a tenth of a mile…I fixed it at the end.


SUMMARY –  So it is finally marathon week…again.  I am still not nervous.  I am slightly concerned about my goal but have confidence that my training has earned me whatever time I achieve.  If I don’t hit the specific number then life will go on and I will still be entirely happy.  My main goal is to finish and give it the very best effort possible.  Barring any unforeseen natural disasters or accidents, this marathon business should be crossed off the bucket list in less than 7 days!  I have done everything but set specific time goals for each checkpoint in the race…i.e. my goal overall time for 5k, 10k, half marathon, 40k etc.  I need to put together a spreadsheet to see and write those times on my forearm so I know if I am on track or not.  My outfit is pretty much picked out.  I have all my gel packs and fuel.  I have my transportation figured out.  My throwaway clothes.  I am set.  I guess the last thing to do will be to make a marathon mix for the last 10k but as of right now I am thinking of bagging that and just enjoying the crowds.  We’ll see.  Anyway, if I don’t post before the race…I’ll see you on the other side!

Do you run with music?  If so, have you raced without it?  Should I run with or without it?

NYCMarathon Training : Week 16

Monday – Cross Training – REST – I fully expected to be walking around like a grandpa come Monday morning, and don’t get me wrong, I didn’t feel like a 16-year-old but I did feel “normal”.  I came home from work and watched the Dodgers win game 3 against the Cardinals which had me excited to be in attendance for game 4  the next day.

Tuesday – 5 Miles – An early wake up from a restless sleep, only Jesus knows why.  I was curious to see how my body would handle running.  The first mile was purposely slow, I knew I would need to allow my body to wake up and get warm.  It felt a lot better than expected during the first mile but the real surprise came during the third.  I won’t say I felt energized but I felt strong.  I wasn’t focusing on pace, just letting my legs do what they wanted and the end result was 5 progressively stronger miles capped by a 7:51 final mile.  5 Miles @8:38/mi pace.  A nice surprise for the usually AWFUL case of the Tuesdays.

Tuesday Night – Dodger Game!  Yeah, it probably isn’t the wisest thing but you know what, I spent so much time at Dodger Stadium this year, I had to go to at least one playoff game (or two).  Plus they had a chance to even up the series at 2 games a piece. Traffic getting into the stadium was HORRENDOUS.  This was kind of expected since it is LA but that crap was a shock even for someone who sits in it 2.5 hours a day like me!  The stadium was full of energy and I was happy once I finally got to my seat right before the 3rd inning began.  It was a pretty exciting  game but our pitchers made a couple of mistakes and the offense just couldn’t seem to get it going when they needed it most.  The end result was a 4-2 loss and a 3-1 series deficit.  Disappointed but was still excited for Wednesday’s game!

Dodger Stadium, NLCS, Game 4

Yes, it is October in Southern California. No sweater required.

Wednesday – 6 Miles – Can I tell you the best thing about blindly buying tickets for two Dodger playoff games?  Finding out that the second game would be a 1:00pm start.  DAY GAME IN LA!  I had no problems requesting a day off for this one and I was beyond excited about having a planned midweek ditch day at Dodger Stadium.  I took full advantage and slept in until 7:30 before getting down to the Rose Bowl for some trail running.  There is something about getting to see Pasadena during the day in the middle of the week that makes me both ecstatic and angry (since I work nowhere near my home).  I focused on the positives and enjoyed seeing the mom’s taking laps with their strollers, and a bunch of other people I envied that didn’t have 9-5’s that could get down to the Rose Bowl at 8:30am on a Wednesday to enjoy the perfect weather.  Yes, the weather was perfect, sunny and in the low 70’s with no wind.  I took my sweet ass time getting the run started but once I did, I was all smiles.  People probably thought I was on crack because I had sunshine coming out of all crevasses and a “good morning” greeting for all whose path I crossed (wo/man and dog alike).  I chose to do a punishing hill route that I hadn’t done in a while and upon climbing the monster hill at mile 2.5, the fatigue of the weekends mileage made itself known.  I was huffing and puffing, legs were burning and I was seeing spots at the top of the hill.  A nice reminder that although I have done more than enough hill prep for NYC, this trail monster was vicious.  Once at the top, I walked until I regained spotless vision and then kept on going.  I hit the 3 mile mark and turned around, the rest of the run was all downhill, literally.  I focused on keeping the exertion level low but it was obvious I was on tired legs, everything was a little more challenging that day.  I figured, if I am going to feel challenged then I may as well semi challenge myself.  Right?  I stepped up the intensity a bit and the last 3 miles were quick but not too draining.  6 Miles @8:23/mi pace.

After the run, I took my time and started up a conversation with another runner as I cooled down.  I always forget how nice runners are, I need to get back to running with the run club on Tuesday nights once this program is over.  I decided to hit my Saturday breakfast spot and enjoy the sunshine on their patio with a nice cup of coffee and breakfast sandwich.  I had to hustle up a little to grab a friend for the game before heading to catch the metro to downtown and then a shuttle to the stadium.  Traffic was again, horrendous.  It took nearly 2 hours to get to the stadium and we arrived just in time for the 2nd inning.  The Dodger offense was alive in this game.  We hit 4 home runs on the day en route to a 6-4 victory in a game that never seemed in doubt.  Traffic on the way home did its best to put a damper on an otherwise perfect day.  A semi-early bedtime capped off the day just right.

My standard LA pride pose.

My standard LA pride pose with my slow running buddy.

Thursday – 5 Miles – I debated switching this run to after work but decided that I wanted to leave myself the option for Yoga at night.  Rolled out of bed and out the door into the darkness.  I decided to switch the route at mile two so I could work in more hills after the trail butt kicking the day before.  There is an equally terrible monster hill on the route but thankfully my body adapted this time and the only effect at the top of this one was some burning glutes and hard breathing.  I took this one easy because I had subconsciously pushed it a bit the previous two days.  5 Miles @8:53/mi pace.

Friday – REST – The Dodgers played absolutely terrible and were bounced from the playoffs in game 6.  Great way to start the weekend.  Wait ’til next year!

Saturday – 5 Miles – I really slept in on Saturday.  A solid 10 hours of sleep before rolling out of bed just before 8:30am.  I debated going for a run before breakfast but that didn’t work out.  Why?  Not because I have no discipline, I actually planned on just eating some cereal and then heading to the trail BUT then I realized that my refrigerator was literally empty of any actual food.  I didn’t even have milk.  A good sign that I need to slow down and return to my domesticated lifestyle of grocery shopping and making my own meals.  Well, breakfast at my favorite spot is my favorite part of Saturday so I am not complaining, it’s just a waste of money when you eat out EVERY meal.  Moving on.  Hit the trail around 11 and man was it warm, easily in the low 80’s, not complaining though because the way I see it, the more miles I log in higher temps now, the better my body will respond NEXT WEEK in the cold of New York (hopefully).  Hal said that this should be a “Pace” run so I took that to mean, I have the green light to push it a bit and get my heart pumping for once.  Getting the heart going in the heat and on the trail was not too difficult. I used this run as another opportunity to practice my breathing and envision the last 4 miles of the marathon.  I am as ready as I can be.  4.5 Miles @7:39/mi pace.

Saw this guy in front of me after tiny.

Saw this guy in front of me after lunch…so tiny.

Sunday – 12 Miles – This is the point in training where I need to focus.  I kept looking at this run as ONLY 12 miles…seriously.  I did absolutely no preparation for this run.  I didn’t eat a solid carb meal or do water drops the night before.  Hell, I didn’t even do a water drop.  I did make sure to stick with my pre-run meal of a banana, a honey stinger waffle, and half a Clif shot gel.  I grabbed one 8oz bottle of water, slapped on my new race day shoes to break them in a bit more and out the door I went.  It was just after 7am and chilly.  The sun was barely up and the city was still quiet, a beautiful Fall morning.  The run was uneventful until….

I guess I am still a professional runner...the money keeps rolling in.

I guess I am still a professional runner…the money keeps rolling in. Blurry, can’t stop won’t stop.

Yeah, most people find quarters or pennies on the ground but not me, this is the third time I have found actual bills on a run.  The first time it was a twenty, the second time (like a month ago) it was a five and a one, and this time it was just one George Washington.  I did find it in the gutter but I used my water to rinse it off and put it in my pocket.  I was actually kind of concerned though, I found that buck at around mile 5 and I used about 2oz of my 8oz bottle to rinse it off, thankfully it was cool out.  Everything went smooth, I took a gel pack at mile 6 and rationed my water.  Around mile 9 I knew I was going to be fine in regards to hydration and although it was beginning to warm up, I was fine.  I got a little antsy to be done so my last mile was slightly quicker than the rest. 12.05 Miles @8:45/mi pace.  That is it, no more “long” runs!  Next week is 8 and that is chump change in this program so now I really have to watch the diet.


The butcher knife route returns right J!



Summary : I hate to say this but I am really not too excited about the race YET.  I know it will come, maybe my subconscious doesn’t want to believe it is actually going to happen after last years events, who knows.  I don’t think I had a chance to truly get excited last year either since everything was so up in the air.  Since there is a lack of excitement, there is also a lack of nerves. I tend to only feel nervous when I feel unprepared, and I know I have fully prepared for this.  Don’t get me wrong, I will be a ball of energy at the start and probably pacing a hole into the ground the hour before the race but as of right now…call me Cool Hand Dom.  I did get this bit of news last week…Wave

Yeah!  WAVE 1.  I may have mentioned that I joined the NYRR when I signed up.  There was a discount for being an NYRR runner so I figured why not give them some money and become a member.  Well, my goal time would have probably landed me in WAVE 2 but because I joined the NYRR, they put me in the “local competitive” group!  This is awesome because it means less people in front of me the entire race and post race.  I hope to have a semi-easy exit which will also mean that I can grab food around the race fairly easily and hopefully make it back towards the finish to cheer some people on.


Last but not least.  This happened at the beginning of last week as well…



My running goal for 2013 was to hit 1,100 miles this year.  After the marathon I will be extremely close, within about ten miles I think, or less.  So that means I am going to stretch my goal now and shoot for 1,250.  I need something to bring me back after all is said and done!